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Class: Herbal Remedies for the Postpartum Mom & Family

Herbal Remedies for the Postpartum Mom & Family

Wednesday,  May 19 * 11:30-12:30pm*  at Natural Resources (1367 Valencia St btw 24th & 25 th Ave).  All are welcome to join this FREE class.

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Welcoming a new baby brings joy, amazement, and new challenges. Herbal remedies can support the physical and emotional transitions that the new mom and family encounters. The class will cover herbs and medicinal food for the new mom and family; remedies to support lactation and breast health; herbs to avoid during breastfeeding; and mind-body comfort measures for the new mom and partner.

About the Instructor

Beth Rees, B.A. is a birth & postpartum doula serving the San Francisco and greater Bay Area. She has been working with women and families for 15 years as a women’s and children’s health advocate, educator and event coordinator. Beth studied and worked with the American School of Herbalism in Western and Traditional Chinese herbal medicine. To this day, Beth works with, helping craft herbal remedies and teaches perinatal herbal medicine classes with the Beyond being a birth enthusiast, Beth enjoys cooking, crafting fiber arts, coordinating life celebrations and parties, auto restoration, and spending time with loved ones, in and out of the City. For more information about Beth, please visit or email

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