Class: What’s Up with the Placenta?

Saturday, June 19th 4PM-5PM

Free class at Natural Resources – 1367 Valencia St. (btw 24th &25th) Mission District, San Francisco, CA 94110

After the birth of a baby comes the birth of the placenta, an organ that supports life throughout the gestational period of a developing fetus. It supplies the proper hormones, oxygen, fluids, & food to nourish the fetus and sustain the pregnancy. The placenta is also responsible for a woman’s ability to breastfeed.

In this class you will learn:

– Anatomy and physiology of the placenta

– Ideas to help you have an uncomplicated 3rd stage of labor

– Why there is no need to throw that placenta away and how it may be useful to you in your postpartum healing and more

– What can be done with the placenta after it is birthed

– How to make placenta prints, tinctures, capsules, meals, teething rings, keepsakes and more

– Cultural traditions around the world and throughout history

About the Instructors

Laura M. Perez is an apprentice midwife and breastfeeding educator living in SF and working in the East Bay. She has been in awe of placentas for as long as she can remember. Over the last three years, Laura has had the honor of transforming over 110 placentas into capsules and tinctures.

Spring Childers is an apprentice midwife, massage therapist, and new mama. Placentas were just another part of life growing up on a goat farm near the central coast of California. She has witnessed with amazement the benefits of placenta consumption by animals as well as many postpartum mamas. Spring has been making placenta into art and herbal medicine for postpartum mamas since 2007. You can find out more about Spring at

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