What Parents are Saying about Beth’s support:

“Thanks for everything – that session was really tremendous for us and provided a lot of comfort.” Dad of an 8 day old baby.

“Beth was a pleasure to work with from our first consultation to my last post-partum visit.  Beth always had a calming, reassuring influence on us.   I would highly recommend Beth’s services to any couple or soon-to-be mother.  Even my mother commented after the labor how helpful it was to have Beth…I’m not sure we would have have ended up with the experience we wanted without Beth.”

Julie S.

“She offered her skills, she held me standing for hours, and has much to offer as a doula.  Our nurse said she had seldom seen such a team in labor, and Beth was instrumental.  She really cares about her people.  We had a few hiccups before birth (suspected appendicitis and long prodromal labor) and Beth was always available over the phone and came by the hospital.  She has been amazing.”

Patricia D.

“Beth has a wonderful way of honoring/allowing the family to do their thing while graciously providing support and suggestions when needed.  What I especially appreciated about Beth was her unconditional love & support.  Her energy is very soothing and Jace (our son) responded to her calm so beautifully!  She has a gift for being with children among many others.”

Alex G.

“My partner and I benefited greatly from Beth’s calm, confident and nurturing presence.  She’s very talented and I really credit her with making my birth a fear-free experience.”

Teddy C.

“I really appreciated Beth’s ability to read our energy and know when to step in for support or back to allow us our space.  She was very supportive in offering to pick up resources/supplies for us as needed.  We really valued her knowledge and warm caring presence.  Her being with us during labor and delivery was invaluable.”

Kat K.

“…[W]hen we met Beth, we knew she was the right person for us. She was just so chill and cool about this beautiful process. Not over-the-top type. I don’t know how to put it but I felt just right about her. I was planning to have natural birth and I delivered my girl naturally. Beth said I delivered my girl so beautifully and she was so proud of me. I almost gave up on natural birth. But I didn’t because of my husband and Beth. She was very vocal to nurses who wanted to persuade me for all kinds of medical options. She was right there telling me “it is my choice and all things nurses said were optional. You choose what you want.” So no cuts and needles during the entire process and all i got was one needle of Whooping cough shot.  She helped us control our birth experience by asking us right questions and assuring we were making right choices. When we don’t have answers, she guided us to the right state of mind so that we can make our choices we can be happy with by making all her knowledge available to us. She were very good at balancing tensions between me and my husband too. She will be my Doula if we will have another birth.”

Moto R.

One reply on “What Parents are Saying about Beth’s support:”

I couldn’t have hoped for a more comforting, reassuring, and sweet doula to be part of our birth. Beth has a deep knowledge base and an easy way of relaying information that I found very calming and grounding. She was a priceless advocate at my hospital birth, and she seemed to know what my family and I needed before we realized it ourselves. Her commitment and love for her work is clear and really allowed my partner and I to relax and be confident that we’d be taken care of. Thank you, Beth!

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