You get to define your breast/chest feeding goals.

Lactation Services with

Beth Rees, IBCLC CD

The postpartum and breast/chest feeding years are powerful times of life. The birthing person, co-parent(s) and family transform and grow while bringing new life, love, and creation into this wild beautiful world. You deserve support nourishing yourself while you nourish your baby/babies. Breast/chest feeding is a dynamic relationship with stages and changes over the course of the infant’s life and the parent’s postpartum experience.  Your care with Beth will be based on your unique needs as a person/parent/family, evidence and research based clinical practices, and Beth’s professional experience spanning 17 years working with birthing and postpartum families.

Beth Rees (she/they), IBCLC CD serves the San Francisco Bay Area as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. In her lactation practice, she incorporates research & evidence-based lactation and newborn care methods, informed consent and client body autonomy, personalized care, perinatal herbal medicine, lymph and gentle massage, and tailored infant feeding strategies based on your baby’s needs and your personal preferences. 

They teach at Natural Resources as a prenatal breast/chest feeding educator and newborn care and parent curriculum developer, and offers in-home lactation, parenting and infant feeding consultations as well.

Doulahood Logo

Beth is co-founder of Doulahood – a community of postpartum doulas dedicated to client continuity of care, community-based doula collaboration and doula partnerships.  DH believes that by strengthening our doula community, we can offer a deeper level of quality of care to clients. 

Beth creates home in San Francisco on occupied Ohlone lands, with their spouse and adult bonus kid. She finds joy in gardening, making herbal medicine, hiking along the SF coast with her dog (who is a boxador – lab/boxer mix), cooking, playing D&D, and dismantling white supremacy.

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