Lactation Services

V's Birth Team

Begin with a 20-min complimentary call with Beth to discuss your needs.

From there, book the LC care package that’s best for your situation.

Support Packages

To book an Appointment:

The Whole Package: Breast/chest feeding is a dynamic relationship between mother/parent and child with stages and changes over the course of the infant’s life and the parent’s postpartum experience.  This packages provides support in initiating breast/chest feeding, establishing milk supply, address any nipple/breast pain, infant growth spurts, and maintaining a healthy breast/chest feeding relationship with your child. Includes full client history intake and follow-up resources. 6 hours worth of care stretched over 6 weeks.

  • 1 prenatal lactation prep session
  • 1 session between day 0-14 postpartum
  • 1 session between day 14-28
  • Unlimited text, phone, email support until week 6 postpartum
  • Superbill for insurance

Cost: $750

In-home Lactation Consultation: 2-hour consult

We work side-by-side to address your breast/chest feeding questions, challenges and goals. This package includes:

  • Client intake and history
  • Assistance with latch and positioning
  • Pre/post feeding infant weight – assess milk transfer
  • Milk supply support
  • Breast exam and health assessment
  • Infant oral exam – assess for lip/tongue ties, function and movement of tongue, and palate shape etc.
  • Pump assistance – devise a pumping plan and set up that’s best for you, size flanges, go over best practices to optimize milk production.
  • Personalized written follow-up and feeding plan
  • Text/email support
  • Superbill for insurance

Initial Consultation: $350

Follow-up Consult: $250

Virtual Lactation Consultation: via MilkNotes or FaceTime up to a 90 minute video call that includes:

  • Client intake and history
  • Assistance with latch and positioning
  • Milk supply support
  • Visual assessment of breast/nipple health
  • Pump assistance
  • Personalized written follow-up and feeding plan
  • Superbill for insurance

Cost: $250 (*DH clients receive $50 off their first telehealth lactation consult).

**Payment is due at the time of the appointment, via Venmo.**

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