The Art of Partnership: Creating True Partnership Within Relationship

From communication workshops, sexual education and positivity, to nude yoga play, the Center for Sex and Culture weaves a space that is welcoming while challenging you to try something new or see something in a different light.   I am someone who often ponders the complexities of partnerships, often when accompanying a woman and partner into birth space and in my own personal relationships.  What is partnership?  How do they function in our lives?  

The Art of Partnership: Creating True Partnership Within Relationship

at the Center for Sex and  Culture

1519 Mission Street between 11th and So.  Van Ness
San Francisco, CA

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Thursday, October 01 2009, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
The Art of Partnership: Creating True Partnership Within Relationship
w/ Marcia Baczynski

Cost: $20, $12-15 if preregistered at:

When it comes to relationships, the word “Partner” gets tossed around all the time… We talk about our partners, whether we want a partner, what we want from our partner and so on, but rarely do we take the time to examine what partner actually means within the context of relationships.

In this workshop, we will explode the myths and fantasies around partnership and learn how to dance with and enhance both your individualism and togetherness.

Whether you’re in a relationship, or want to be, join relationship educator Marcia Baczynski as we explore the concept of partnership as a distinct relationship style. Discover what it means to be a partner to someone else, learn how to cultivate partnership in your life, and find out what successful partnerships have in common.

BIO: Marcia Baczynski is a relationship coach and sex educator who is passionate about providing the world with better tools and skills for relating, and empowering people to use them. She is the Director of Relationship Programming for Ideal Balance, a lifestyle management company for busy professional and entrepreneurial women.  She is also well-known for being co-creator of Cuddle Party, a workshop/social event about boundaries, communication, intimacy and touch. Started in 2004, Cuddle Party events have spread globally, with over 40 facilitators in four countries. Marcia has made appearances on the Montel Williams show, Fox News, Penn & Teller’s Bullsh*t, NPR, GQ, Marie Claire and Newsweek. She splits her time between San Francisco and New York.

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