Free: Film viewing of “The Happiest Baby on the Block”

This Wednesday, Natural Resources is having a free viewing of The Happiest Baby On the Block.   The talented and knowledgeable Amy Hyams will be leading a Q & A session after the film.  It’ll be informative and fun!


Wednesday, September 30, 11:30am – 1:00pm 
The Happiest Baby On The Block by Harvey Karp, MD 
Q&A after the film with newborn care & parenting educator, Amy Hyams 

The Happiest Baby On The Block
In “The Happiest Baby”, Dr. Harvey Karp reveals a treasure sought by new parents for centuries… the “calming reflex” (the automatic “off-switch” for any crying baby). Thousands of parents, from working moms to superstars like Madonna and Michelle Pfeiffer have turned to Dr. Karp to learn his secrets for making babies happy and raising respectful toddlers. Dr. Karp’s techniques really work. Dr. Karp has been on the Dr. Phil show on NBC twice this year. His techniques are praised and his toddler books are on the top 10 list.  

Do you learn better by watching rather than reading? Here is a chance to see how to transport your baby from screaming into serenity…in minutes. Watch as, step-by-step, Dr. Karp teaches new parent how to switch on their baby’s powerful calming reflex. 


There is no need to register for these events. Just show up prior to the screening time and enjoy the film! 

Viewing will be in the Natural Resources classroom.

Natural Resources

1367 Valencia St @ 25th St.

San Francisco, CA 94110

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