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Photo Series: “Love, Acceptance, and Peace”

SF Muni buses have have featuring certain life-affirming quotes from notable people.  I must admit, I love them! Advertisements

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Photo Series: “First Family Photo”

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Favorite Photos Series: “Open and Expanding”

   My mother-in-love grew this beautiful dahlia in our backyard.  It reminds me of the birthing mother, expanding widely and fully.

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  Aug. 22: Newborn Care 101 @ Carmel Blue News: I‘ll be teaching “Newborn Care 101” @ Carmel Blue Thurs. 8/22 6PM-9PM while the amazing Rebecca Plum is away! Sign up yourself or please pass it along to pregnant friends … Continue reading

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Cheers to 2013!

Happy New Year to you and your family from our family, the Rees-Adams!  May this year be filled with love, laughter, health, gratitude, & prosperity for all of us, in whatever shape or form it takes for us. This year, … Continue reading

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The Official Childbirth Guide

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A free workshop at Natural Resources Sept 9th: Postpartum Depression and Moods with Dr. Katayune Kaeni

Everyone keeps telling us that the birth of your baby is a joyous and special time, and that it is.  And our postpartum period (just like pregnancy) is a shifting, dynamic experience with our bodies and babies.  Hormones shift and life changes over night (literally!).  It’s a lot to process, and that’s saying it gently.  Baby blues often accompany our postpartum experience with up to 20% of new moms  experience postpartum depression (PPD) and/or postpartum anxiety (PPA) (Kaeni May 2012).  Mix the changes of life, hormones, new love affair, and heavy LACK of sleep is the perfect combination for intense feels – both good and bad.  But how does a mom know what’s normal or what’s not in the emotional “swing” of things.  How does one build support when baby blues is more that “normal” and how can a new mom prevent PPD/PPA? 

Dr. Katayune Kaeni, licensed therapist and mom, will be offering a free workshop on Postpartum Depression and Moods, helping clarify the difference between “Baby blues” and Postpartum Depression.

For more info check out Natural Resources (above link).  Also, below is a great article on this subject by Dr. Kaeni. 

Baby blues vs Postpartum depression (PPD)? Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?


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