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Aug. 22: Newborn Care 101 @ Carmel Blue


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Aug. 22: Newborn Care 101 @ Carmel Blue


I‘ll be teaching “Newborn Care 101” @ Carmel Blue
Thurs. 8/22 6PM-9PM while the amazing Rebecca Plum is away!

Sign up yourself or please pass it along to pregnant friends and/or family. It’ll be FUN AND INFORMATIVE!!

Cheers to 2013!

ImageHappy New Year to you and your family from our family, the Rees-Adams! 

May this year be filled with love, laughter, health, gratitude, & prosperity for all of us, in whatever shape or form it takes for us.

This year, I’ll be celebrating and living as a newly married lady which will be exciting and a new world for me.  Also, Mindful Doula Arts and I will be offering more prenatal breastfeeding classes of “Breastfeeding for the Expectant Family” in 2013 than last year.

Soon I ‘ll be starting Elizabeth Davis’ “Heart & Hands” Midwifery Intensives class to deepen my knowledge of the art and science of midwifery.

Technologically speaking, I’ll now be accessible for Skype chats at beth.the.doula .  Let me know if you’d like to set up a chat.  Also you can find me on Facebook at Mindful Doula Arts and email me at

How are you?  What’s new with you?  I’d love to stay in touch and hear how you are.  You know where to find me :).

Happy 2013 to us all!

Be well,



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A free workshop at Natural Resources Sept 9th: Postpartum Depression and Moods with Dr. Katayune Kaeni

A free workshop at Natural Resources Sept 9th: Postpartum Depression and Moods with Dr. Katayune Kaeni

Everyone keeps telling us that the birth of your baby is a joyous and special time, and that it is.  And our postpartum period (just like pregnancy) is a shifting, dynamic experience with our bodies and babies.  Hormones shift and life changes over night (literally!).  It’s a lot to process, and that’s saying it gently.  Baby blues can often accompany our postpartum experience with up to 20% of new moms  experiencing postpartum depression (PPD) and/or postpartum anxiety (PPA) (Kaeni May 2012).  Mix the changes of life, hormones, new love affair, and heavy LACK of sleep is the perfect combination for intense feels – both good and bad.  But how does a mom know what’s normal or what’s not in the emotional “swing” of things.  How does one build support when baby blues is more than “normal” and how can a new mom prevent PPD/PPA?

Dr. Katayune Kaeni, licensed therapist and mom, will be offering a free workshop on Postpartum Depression and Moods, helping clarify the difference between “Baby blues” and Postpartum Depression.  It’s:

Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012


at Natural Resources (1367 Valencia St @ 25th)

For more info check out Natural Resources at

Also, below is a great article on this subject by Dr. Kaeni.

Baby blues vs Postpartum depression (PPD)? Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?



Sh*t Crunchy Dads Say

Just in time for Father’s Day. We knew this video had to be out there and here it is…

“I don’t even need sleep anymore.”


birth story: a film about Ina May Gaskin

birth story: a film about Ina May Gaskin and

The Farm

Spread the word! Help support a film about Ina May Gaskin, guardian of birth and believer of women. Thanks for the post, Jane Austin & Constance Williams :).


What to reject when you’re expecting 10 procedures to think twice about during your pregnancy

What to reject when you’re expecting 10 procedures to think twice about during your pregnancy

Reading this article is a good place to start when you’re considering your perinatal options. does an admirable job of using evidence-based research to inform those seeking perinatal healthcare options.   Just know that there is world of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding out there that’s waiting to educate, nurture, support, stretch, and hold you and your family!

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Music for Your Mother’s Day – 10 music videos for Mamas

My mom is a classically trained opera singer. As a little kid, I had the pleasure of having my mom sing to me in a full and powerful voice. Her voice would transform the simplest song into a rich and full bodied experienced. Music was central in our home, as all of my mom’s family are singers and play musical instruments. If the Rees’ were at a group singing event (church, concerts, sing-a-longs etc) you could easily identify the Rees choir of voices. So when I think of my mom, I think of music – music that’s filled with passion, love, emotion, and POWER.  Here are some songs that remind me of moms, motherhood, and parenting.   And if you’re a sap like me, have some tissues close by.

Love to all the Mamas (bio or created) out there! 

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Sing it, Miss Hill!

A classic

Take your mama out!

A song about the complex and often paradoxical nature of parent/child relationships.

A classic cheesy melty song – where are the tissues?!

“It ain’t easy…you are appreciated.”

Mamas wisdom.

Disclaimer: Cute mom and baby animals pictures accompany the music :).

Remember singing this with my mama!

Dedicated to Maureen Rees – love you ma.

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A Tale of Two Births: A Baby Friendly Rap

“Skin to Skin is the perfect start!”


International Women’s Day – March 8, 2012

Theme: Empowering Rural Women – End Hunger & Poverty.

While I studied and worked at UC, I began celebrating International Women’s Day through programming campus-wide events like theater performances, film views, dinner and entertainment based on IWD theme for the residential halls, and tabling near the student union.  I have to say I LOVE how other countries celebrate it as a day to tell the women in their lives how amazing and loved they are.  This is a command (no if, ands, or buts about it)- LOVE the WOMEN in your LIFE.  Love all of us in between the female/male woman/man binary, while you’re at it too :). Love esp. to the mamas ;).

Here is more info on IWD and rural women in the US:

From UN Women, Facts and Figures (


  • Only one third of rural women receive prenatal care compared to 50 per cent in developing regions as a whole. (United Nations, The Millennium Development Goals Report 2010 and 2011 (New York, 2010 and 2011), available from

Other Resources


Women sing the national anthem at the celebration of International Women’s Day at Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia, Liberia, hosted by Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and attended by former Chilean President and UN Women chief Michelle Bachelet.
08 March 2011
Monrovia, Liberia from (