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Music for Your Mother’s Day – 10 music videos for Mamas

My mom is a classically trained opera singer. As a little kid, I had the pleasure of having my mom sing to me in a full and powerful voice. Her voice would transform the simplest song into a rich and full bodied experienced. Music was central in our home, as all of my mom’s family are singers and play musical instruments. If the Rees’ were at a group singing event (church, concerts, sing-a-longs etc) you could easily identify the Rees choir of voices. So when I think of my mom, I think of music – music that’s filled with passion, love, emotion, and POWER.  Here are some songs that remind me of moms, motherhood, and parenting.   And if you’re a sap like me, have some tissues close by.

Love to all the Mamas (bio or created) out there! 

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Sing it, Miss Hill!

A classic

Take your mama out!

A song about the complex and often paradoxical nature of parent/child relationships.

A classic cheesy melty song – where are the tissues?!

“It ain’t easy…you are appreciated.”

Mamas wisdom.

Disclaimer: Cute mom and baby animals pictures accompany the music :).

Remember singing this with my mama!

Dedicated to Maureen Rees – love you ma.

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