Preparing to Breast/Chest Feeding for the Expectant Family


Preparing to Breast/Chest Feeding for the
Expectant Family

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Are you thinking about breast/chest feeding your baby?  Are you already planning on breast/chest feeding?  Get information to make informed choices as you explore the amazing world of breast/chest feeding and infant feeding options in this class.

Via Zoom, a comprehensive exploration on the benefits of breast/chest feeding for parent/child, preparing for breast/chest feeding, initiating/establishing/maintaining body feeding, latch and positions, milk supply, infant feeding options like pumping and bottle feeding, creating your plan/intention, resources and where to go when challenges arise. Class includes demos on feeding positions and latching, breast compressions, paced bottle feedings, how to feed, burp, and soothe your baby. We will discuss postpartum recovery, breast/chest feeding, newborn/family sleep, family self-care/support tools, skin to skin, growth spurts and tummy time.

The class covers:
  • Initiating Breast/Chest Feeding
  • Stages of Body Feeding
  • Why Body Feeding Works: anatomy & physiology
  • Positions and Latch/Attaching Baby at Chest
  • Building your Milk Supply
  • How Much to Feed Baby
  • Comfort Measures
  • Supplementing, Pumping, Bottles Etc
  • Milk Storage
  • Family Sleep
  • Partner, Family, Community Support
  • Nutrition, caffeine, alcohol, cannabis
  • Gear & Equipment
  • When to Seek Help
  • Resources

Parents will walk away from the class with resources, and a comprehensive understanding of the art/science of breast/chest feeding and will feel confident to initiate, troubleshoot and make informed choices around feeding their baby.

2 hours

Cost: $150/per family for Zoom one-on-one class

Payment: Venmo @bethrees-ibclc

Reschedule or Cancellation Policy: 24 hour notification is needed to reschedule class. No refund is given for canceled classes.

Questions: Call or email beth@mindfuldoulaarts.org415-518-0335