Why work with a birth & postpartum doula?

sonicgram pixPregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and the postpartum experience are on a continuum, building on the experience before it.  Pregnancy moves towards birth, birth brings a new baby, and  the mother nourishes the baby while the family/community nourishes the postpartum mama.  There have always been women who have nourished and supported the expectant and new mother and family.

“Doula” is an ancient Greek term and describes a woman who serves other women.  And in recent history, the term Doula describes a highly trained and specialized professional who supports the mama and family during their stages of pregnancy, labor/birth, breastfeeding and postpartum recovery.   Doulas are trained and experienced in perinatal health, normal and highly specialized pregnancies, newborn care and parenting,  breastfeeding, postpartum support; as well as the “intangibles” and spirit of birth and parenting.  We are 100% focused on the well-being of the mama and family.  We offer non-medical and nonjudgemental support to the birthing and parenting process by providing information, emotional and physical support to the birthing mama and family.

Birth & postpartum doula support can:

  • Increase your confidence in your ability to birth and care for your new baby.
  • Reduce the length of your labor and postpartum recovery time.
  • Lower the use of unnecessary medical interventions, the use of pain medication(s) and birth by caesareans.
  • Boost overall satisfaction with your labor, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum experience.
  • Increase breastfeeding success and satisfaction.
  • Decrease postpartum depression.
  • Provide nonjudgmental information to the mom-to-be and  partner to make informed decisions about the birth and parenting process.
  • Can help parents get more rest and sleep once baby is here.
  • Offer continuous  evidence-based informational, emotional and physical support from a knowledgeable and compassionate professional.
  • Give personalized support services, including: perinatal education; birth and postpartum plan support;  pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, & parenting referrals; mind/body/spirit coping and comfort measures techniques for pregnancy, labor/birth, breastfeeding and newborn parenting; and  on-call support during your perinatal times.

For more information about the benefits of working with a birth and postpartum doula, check out the article,“Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth.”

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